Boxed Holiday Turkey Lunch

Roasted Turkey Menu

Fresh Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Sliced White and Dark Meats
tender, juicy sliced white and dark turkey with cranberry sauce

Rich Homemade Turkey Gravy

Cornbread, Vegetable, Herb and Sausage Dressing – available as vegetarian
roasted carrot, onion, celery, peppers with rosemary & sage with smoked sausage,
cornbread & french bread, wild & long grain rice

Creamy Fresh Mashed Potato

Lemon Lime Brown Sugar Roasted Harvest Vegetables
yam, sweet potato, squash and red onion with a hint of lemon & lime

Artisan Rolls with butter
Freshly Baked Cookies
Bottled Water


Dutchman’s staff will box the lunch onsite for quality and freshness
Included with the menu price:
compostable fork & knife, napkin, wet napkin, salt & pepper

$19.95 per person with Disposables
price is based on 40 guests
15% gratuity and 5% tax will be added