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Included in Contactless Catering

Small Gatherings for 2020 – 50 person “contactless buffets”

Due to Covid-19, these menus and service style have been created to ensure safety for your guests and our staff.
The Dutchman’s staff will use appropriate safety measures during all food preparation and service.

What is a contactless buffet and how does it work?

Table groups will come to the contactless buffets where guests will have no contact with the buffet food.

Your guests will make food choices from a safe distance that
The Dutchman’s staff with plate through to the end of the menu options.

The Dutchman’s staff will then place the plated food and wrapped cutlery on a socially distanced table.

Guests will take their China plate and napkin wrapped metal cutlery to their table to enjoy.

As always with The Dutchman’s buffets, guests will be welcome to come up for seconds.

While The Dutchman’s staff will clear the soiled dishes, we encourage guests to dispose of their soiled plates,
cutlery etc in bus tubs provided.

Please contact Mike or Tina to get a full proposal with everything that is included for your
Summer Small Gatherings 2020 Event

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