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Small Gathering Menu A for 2020

Menu A
add a second for $4.95 each

Marsala Chicken
marsala red wine sauce with exotic mushrooms,
marinated, grilled and finished in the oven
Or Tuscan Chicken
baked chicken breast brushed with honey mustard basil sauce topped
with sundried tomatoes and parmesan
Or Hand carved AAA Canadian Angus Round of Beef
served with Hot Horseradish
Rich Red Wine Au Jus


Choice of One Potato
whipped, garlic whipped, roasted herbed baby new

Sausage Penne Roma Primavera
spicy chorizo sausage, cherry tomato, mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers and zucchini tossed
with fresh spinach, feta and bold herbed roma sauce
Penne Alfredo Parmesan and Prawns
al dente penne noodles, prawns, sautéed mushrooms, bell peppers, and peas,
tossed with creamy parmesan alfredo sauce

Long Grain and Wild Rice Pilaf
long grain & wild rice with herbs and sautéed vegetables
Nassi Goreng Indonesian Rice
spicy rice with diced vegetables and sweet indonesian soy sauce


Baby Carrots, Snap Peas, Red Pepper and Baby Corns
orange/ thai glaze
Green Beans Almondine
whole green beans, toasted almonds and almond butter

Spring Garden Salad
with grape tomatoes, cucumber, sliced strawberries
poppy seed dressing
Classic Greek Feta Salad
greek salad, mild feta with herbed balsamic / extra virgin olive oil
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
rotini pasta with creamy dressing, fresh vegetables, black olives and feta
Moroccan Wild Grains Salad
wild and brown rice, quinoa, barley, fresh vegetables and pineapple curry sauce
Southwest Quinoa Salad
chickpeas, sundried tomato, avocado, red onion and red pepper with lemon zest oregano olive oil

Italian, Multigrain Rolls with butter

Mini Box Dessert
Tiramisu or Tuxedo Cake with fresh berries

$28.95 per person
minimum 40 guests
12% gratuity and 5% tax will be added

Pickup only of this menu is available as well, call or email for pricing 

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