Big Easy BBQ Catering – Small Gathering Menu B

Big Easy BBQ Summer 2020

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
fall off the bone and WOW! made with our own tangy BBQ Sauce

Herb & Garlic Chicken
oven roasted chicken, marinated overnight in our own hickory sauce with herbs

Choice of Three Sides
Baked Potatoes

served with sour cream, bacon bits and green onions
Herbed Roasted Baby Potatoes
red baby potatoes with dill, paprika, sea salt tossed with olive oil
Pineapple Wild Rice Pilaf
flavourful jasmine and wild rice, diced vegetables, pineapple, sweet indonesian soy sauce
Mexican Re-fried Black Beans
vegetarian or with monterey jack cheese
Slow Baked Beans with Bacon
southern style, slow baked beans
Corn on the Cob
steamed and buttered cobs
Sweet Corn Niblets with Red Pepper Diamonds
steamed and buttered
Glazed Baby Carrots, Snap Peas and Red Pepper Spears
steamed and glazed with our orange/thai sauce

Choice of Two Salads
Lemon Sesame Coleslaw
sunflower seeds, raisins and our creamy sesame lemon dressing
Fiesta Spinach, Corn and Black Bean Salad with Chipotle Dressing
fresh spinach, corn & roasted peppers, black beans, green onion and avocado tossed
with cilantro, spicy chipotle dressing
Mediterranean Pasta Salad
rotini pasta, creamy dressing, vegetables, black olives and feta

Greek Salad
classic greek salad, feta with herbed balsamic / extra virgin olive oil
Roasted Red Potato Salad
bell peppers, red and green onions with our creamy dressing
Crispy Garden Green Salad
cherry tomatoes, LE cucumbers and ranch dressing on the side

Sliced Focaccia Bread and Savoury Cornbread Cheddar Muffins

Freshly Baked Cookies

$26.95 per person
price is based on 50 guests
15% gratuity and 5% tax will be added

Pickup only of this menu is available, call or email for pricing